UALCSSA 伦敦艺术大学中国学联

Photography Exhibition--15th January--19th January
Above the material world, every object has an unseen yet unimpeachable version of itself.


UALCSSA 1st Photography Exhibtion

Exhibition Date:
15th January to 19th January

Exhibition Time:

Private View:
Thursday 18th January 2018
6:00 -- 8:00 p.m.
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One and Three Chairs is a conceptual artwork created by Joseph Kosuth. He presents one chair in three different ways: a manufactured chair, the photograph of it and the definition of the chair written on paper. The concept of this artwork connected with Plato’s Theory of ‘Forms’ and we can see the literary definition of ‘what is a chair’ as the intangible form of the chair.


UALCSSA 1st Photography Exhibtion

​​The theme of this exhibition derived from Plato’s Theory of Forms. He believes that above the material world, every object has an unseen yet unimpeachable version of itself, which is the original ‘form’ of the object. For example, if a carpenter made a chair, he did not actually created it but was inspired by the perfect form of the chair. What Carpenter has produced is how the perfect prototype is embodied. Therefore everything that could be seen or felt is not reality but the form is projected. Based on the Theory ‘form’, Plato believes that in the world there is no concrete object is perfect. The artist's creation is also the same but the charm of creation may exist on this imperfect. The shines of perfection enlighten artists, and by each soul create the various beautiful projections into the physical world.

About the artist

Finish the undergraduate of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, and recently studying in MA Photography in Central Saint Martins.
Currently researching on the philosophy of photography, reviewing the definition of photography as fine art. Reflective on how contemporary image as the other representation of text to transform the space and time. 

About the Work

My creation will be more like an event. extemporaneous play, living entity rather than a static object. Work which doesn’t stand upon words but the dynamics of perception as an infinitely fluid process. It does not display the things but collaborate the objects and actions together, the un-subjective world could be draw into exist through the collaboration of space, condition, relationship, environment and time.  To meet exist, and Confrontation with exist.
Title: 0 ppi, 0dpi (2017)
Size: X x Y x Z cm
Material: Print on Air

The work acts as a point of reference rather than the end product representing, describing or symbolising a certain meaning. Like air transforming by the environment
,concept of being (exist) is the product of nature. It is like the body without the organ, a virtual state, it is real but not materialise, it is the concept that how might the contemporary image operating in our world.
About the artist

I work with a wide range of media, from photography to video. Most of my practices are inspired by my dreams and music, especially jazz hip-hop, which deeply influenced my early work and later led me to video-making. I made the experimental film and photography, that involved surrealistic and abstract elements in building up a dream-like atmosphere. I am also interested in exploring the subconscious and the unconscious in different states of mind through automatism. I believe that it is a self-exploring process that allows artists to reveal their own revelation.
About the Work

In the Greek traditions, people used to believe that the world of dream exists at the other side of the sea called Oceanus. I have taken these photos while I was traveling to different countries, some of them I do not even remember where did I take this photos. However,
when I looked back to my photo archive, I realized that I was fascinated with seas and water waves, as they keep appearing in my photo library. It might be my unconscious to take them throughout the years, and that might be the point for me to start exploring my
self-revelation. Dreams are also the main inspirations for my practice. In this series of photos, I am looking for the dreamland at the other side of the sea level, which only existed in our mind, beyond our ideological appearance. Although the oceans in the real world are just
the representation of Oceanus in the Greek Mythology, it reflected my own experience and connect the perfect forms in ideal imagination to my self-exploration.


Title: Oceanus    (2017)
Size: 6 photos of 4 x 6 inches   
   Frame Size & Color: 4 x 6 frame size, colour
    Material: Pigment Print

About the artist

The name of the artist is Jiacheng Zhu, He is a freelance photographer and interior designer.
He just graduated from LCC MA Photography course this year, his work on final show is the form of family photos, this project is about time, memory, existence.
About the Work

The artist is inspired by Plato‘s theory. “ Form ” theory He believes that above the material world, every object has an unseen yet unimpeachable version of itself, which is the original ‘form’ of the object.
Otherwise, Plato was going a step further and asking what Form itself is. He supposed that the object was essentially or "really" the Form and that the phenomena were mere shadows mimicking the Form.
So, Plato regards the commonality of things as independent existences. The artist collects the “ portraits “ of the IKEA chairs, and try to find out the “ Form ” of the IKEA chair.
Title: Form of IKEA chair (2017)
Size: 30cm x 30cm​
​​Frame Size & Color: 52cm x 52cm, white
Material: c-type print with fibreboard frame
About the artist

Catalan born and London based creative and strategist, lived in three continents and mainly influenced by the romantic perception of life - various people's stories, music - from classical to modern rock, philosophy, and the simpleness and complexiveness of beauty in "insignificant" things. 
About the Work

Seems to be the season of tangerines, everyone around me eats them, enjoys them, but do they observe? what is a tangerine anyway – and do we ever just look at how beautiful it looks, its colour, its shape, its taste, the idea of a whole world of flavour in one thing, of beauty that at a point will stop existing just as it is peeled and then it’s gone, but the essence, the idea, the flavour, the aroma, stay – remain, just as love, as life, we taste it and then it’s gone.    

Title: Faded tangerine (2017)
Size: 4928 × 3264

About the artist

She received her Bachelors in Film Directing in Sichuan University. During that period of time, Yin Wang has learned scripting and criticism theory on film, and applied these knowledge as journalist in the 23rd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flower Film Festival and as judge in 22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival to judge the Chinese Films in the year of 2014-2015. Then Yin Wang worked as an assistant director in Winged Tiger Culture Company. At the end of Yin’s internship,the Resurrection of Mural on the Stage which is one of the series of documentary about folk artists was made successfully and has been broadcast on Phoenix TV in Europe. At the final year of undergraduate study, Yin Wang chose to join a college program to study abroad at University of the Arts London (Cambewell) for Photography. She made change from group work to individual creative work. It was her first time to access and inspired by fine art. At the beginning, her works were focus on street documentary and portrait with performers. Then she realized photography has some limitations on expression in some objects, we know and fell the world not only by seeing but also hearing or even smelling which has been ignored mostly. So she started to try to make collection and installation. Now she sets up her personal photography studio named Trinity Studio in London.

About the Work

What affects our experiences and result on looking an artwork?
There is no connection between balloon and baldy, however, the association of their shape of their forms: ellipse gives them a new relation.
The interaction between model and balloon creates metaphor, atmosphere and sense of humor. Giving both new meanings or emphasizing their peculiarity. In  these photos,one plus one equal to three. And a portrait does not have to be a photo shows whole face and details of a man, still can tell a person’s character.
Title: Blow up the Balloon (2015)
Size: 30cm x 40cm x 4 (changeable)
Color: brown
Material: glossy paper print 
About the artist

Marvin Tang (b.1989) is a visual artist who uses photography in his investigations.
His research is motivated by the need to understand the formation of a countries' identity through narratives and policies. He believes that history is often layered and unexplored: yet largely accepted.
Marvin was awarded the Kwek Leng Joo prize for Excellence in Photography in 2015 and the 5th Singapore International Photography Festival’s Portfolio Review CAPA Prize for Best Portfolio.
His work has been exhibited in Artstage (Singapore), Pingyao
International Photography Festival (China), Suwon International Photo Festival (Korea) and Dali International Photography Festival.
About the Work​​

An Investigation of mountainous landscapes observed at various nature reserves in Singapore. Once vital during the building boom in the 1970’s -1980’s, these mountains have since ceased their functions and taken on a new role.
Observing the transformation of Granite Quarries into Mountains.

Title: The Mountain Survey (2016)
Size: 12x16cm, 80x60cm,42 x 56cm   
Frame Size & Color: Frame-less /Various Size
Material: ​​Archival Inkjet Print   
About the artist

I'm a pianist also a photographer taking pictures for the purpose of delivering masterpiece from people's emotion.
I have taken thousands of photograph with color and without.
Each photograph I've been working on has a story behind, however, only the audience will be able to see through the photograph with their own understanding and emotion.
To deliver the purpose of the photographs, most audience tends to query the story behind, which in my case, I enjoy the audience smelling the color, tasting the focus.
Quite like music, if quiet enough, audience are able to feel what artist felt, see through more than just basic forms and color, breaking through doors to another dimension of perplexing feelings and astonishing fantacy.

Title: Hush! (2017)
Size: 4032 x 3024​
​​Frame Size & Color: RGB Display P3
Material: Digital
About the Work

We see people, meet people, and we talk to people at office, school, cinema, commute and sometimes in the pub. But did we really saw what we saw, or it is all just an illusion, an illusion of urban culture, an illusion of life, an illursion of our expectation, or even simply enough, a startling reflection of ourselves.
Did you wake up this morning?
By the roaring train or the annoying clock, everyone see them self as many form of human beings, however, contemptuous enough, no one has ever seen them self asleep, unfeigned, patten by your kitten, the most peculiar way.
Captured by this shot, suddenly you woke up by the train (representing the commercialized urban life), realized that all of a sudden, whether it is just a board lying on the London tube tunnel, or it is the most incredible form of your nature already be woken up forcefully by the Urban life.
About the artist

Less is more.
About the Work

Spiral staircase, whose material makes it more fascinating, has its own form inside the disappearing point.

Title: Spiral (2017)
Material: concrete

About the artist

I am interested in nature, the ephemeral, new technology and materials. 
I want my work to become a form of hypnosis, requiring focused attention and awareness on the part of the viewer.

About the Work

The inspiration from the market. 
The work will put on the ground.
I present brutal, disgusting animals by using the shape of frame which is a way to continue ephemeral life. 
Frame usually used for decoration in our daily life, to display and to adornment beautiful paintings and so on. I think in some situation, human being has higher class than nature. We look at this process with a clam and peaceful mind or skip the cruelty of direct access to the process of these are fine decorated or well-packaged food.

Title: Inspection (2015)
Size: 58*44
Material: Poster